Digital innovations emerge daily. Nowadays, running even a small business becomes difficult without professional, effective, and properly designed website. The creative team at Alice Wonder| Web Design Studio, the best web design company in Seattle, offers end-to-end services even to the most demanding clients. The prices for our services are more than affordable. We believe that every project we work on, helps achieve outstanding results for any business. A new website is like a beloved child to our designers and developers. They build it by putting their hearts and souls into the development and provide further support for years. The professionals working on WordPress web development, logo design, and content creation are creative and result-oriented. They create websites that will bring your business to a brand-new level, appeal to customers, and become highly profitable.

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How much will your work cost?

The cost of work depends on the project you order and its complexity. The minimum price you pay for 1 page of custom website design is $1,000. You can choose one of three packages for your business. They differ in price, the number of pages covered, and the number of hours for basic design customization. There is a standard package that will cost you $1,300 (1-page website), a premium package for $2,800 (up to 5 pages), and a signature package for $3,800 (up to 20 pages). Such features and services as WordPress templates, a dedicated project manager, QA testing, mobile optimization, back-end customization for content management, transfer to final domain & hosting, and training on how to update the content are fully covered in each of the packages. You may also ask for additional services, such as adding a booking or payment system to your website ($500 for each option), logo design (based on your industry, theme, or goals), website maintenance, copywriting, and more. With a new professional website, you have more chances to achieve success.

How long should a logo design project take?

A logo design project may take up to 4 weeks. The first step is an interview with a customer, during which we get information about the goals, mission, and vision of the business. The client must fulfill out our logo questionnaire and provide all necessary information. It is necessary to research the industry the company operates in to create a unique and relevant branding. Up to ten draft sketches are provided for you to review. The overall time may vary, depending on the scope of each particular project.

How long should a web design project take?

An average web design and development project can take up to 10 weeks. There are many steps needed to create a website that will satisfy the customer and help the business succeed. In some cases, more time is needed if project is complex. Within the scope of the project, we will conduct an interview, choose between using a customized template or creating a custom design, provide professional guidance, add plug-ins, payment solutions, or other services, do QA testing, and transfer the website to a domain and host.

How long does it take to build a WordPress website?

WordPress platform offers a range of benefits your business can take advantage of. Those include, search engine compatibility and mobile-friendliness, ease of use, customizability, and cost-effectiveness. The time necessary to create a website on WordPress platform varies. Each project is unique and specific. In general, you will be able to see the results in about 10 weeks.

Do you provide maintenance support after website is launched?

Yes, we do provide support and maintenance services after website is launched. We can set up a monthly maintenance package or help on hourly basis. We understand how important it is to know that a helping hand is always by your side. We put maximum effort into making our clients feel valued and calm. In particular, we provide maintenance packages for WordPress and website backup for additional safety of your data.

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