Your logo plays an integral role in leaving a magical first impression, after all, it’s how people will identify your company. In the story Alice in Wonderland much like the bottle labeled “Drink Me” or the cookies labeled “Eat Me,” you want the customers to come away transformed.

Why Your Logo Matters

When a potential customer sees your logo, it has the power to influence how the business is perceived. The logo needs to accurately represent the business and also be functional and recognizable across all digital marketing materials, social media, and print.

As specialists in Seattle logo design, Alice Wonder believes in the magical process of taking your idea and bringing it to life. Our goal is to position your business to potential customers in a way that is unique, professional, and consistently recognizable.

Our Logo Design Process

Our talented graphic designers work closely with you to get to know your company and understand your vision to create a custom logo design that is both memorable and iconic. Our design process encompasses:

  • An interview with you to understand the mission and goals of your business
  • The completion of our logo questionnaire and reviewing examples of logos you love
  • Conducting research into your industry and business landscape to ensure your logo is unique and stands out from the rest
  • Creating up to 10 black and white sketches before adding in fonts and color variations

At the end of our process, your business will have a custom logo that stands out amongst competitors and makes a magical first impression.

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