Your website plays an integral role in leaving a magical first impression for your company, after all, it’s how you convey the right information to clients and customers. As in the story Alice in Wonderland, your responsive website should take customers on a journey to meet the right characters experiencing the right adventure in order to gather desired information.

Why Maintain Your WordPress Website?

Your website needs to not only accurately represent your business but be functional, eye-catching, easy to navigate, and stand out from the competition. Having an out-of-date website is a deterrent to telling the right story for your company and doesn’t leave the most magical impression.

Technology advances quickly, and by maintaining your WordPress website, you enable customers to easily navigate without being deterred by slow load times, buttons that don’t work or a website ill-fit for their device.

Who Are Our Customers?

As a Seattle WordPress maintenance studio, we enjoy working with a variety of industries from high tech startups, to medical professionals, to beauty salons and spas, to cannabis stores, and legal practices.

Have a WordPress website you love but don’t have time to update it, optimize for SEO or stay up-to-date on the latest security needs? Focus on what you do best within your business and let us take care of maintaining your website.

Our Services

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WordPress version and plugin updates

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Files and database backups

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Content changes and creating new pages

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Google Analytics reports

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Security and vulnerability checks

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Installing additional modules

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