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Brand identity and custom logo design is an Alice Wonder Marketing specialty. Our ideal clients are new businesses or established companies in the process of rebranding.  Alice Wonder believes in the magical process of taking your idea and bringing it to life. Our goal is to position your business to potential customers in a way that makes it looks unique, professional, and recognizable. Brand identity process starts with custom logo design.

After custom logo design is created, it is very important to make sure that your website and other collateral materials match the brand identity in style, colors, and fonts.

Brand Identity may include -

  • Logo (Symbol of the entire brand identity)
  • Website (Online brand identity)
  • Signage (Interior and exterior design)
  • Stationery (Letterhead, business cards, envelopes, etc
  • Marketing materials (Flyers, brochures, ads, etc )
  • Packaging (Packaging in which products are sold)

Our award winning team will be thrilled to create custom logo design and other important brand identity elements for your business.

Seattle logo design & branding

At Alice Wonder Marketing, we take your company brand identity and Seattle logo design very seriously. Our team of talented award winning designers implement a step by step custom process to bring your brand identity to life. Seattle logo design starts with understanding of your business goals, target market, and competition through our branding questionnaire. It is very important for Alice Wonder to understand the vision that you want to communicate to potential customers in order to achieve a positive buying reaction.

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Redmond logo design & branding

Alice Wonder Marketing focuses on what your company’s brand identity says to your target audience. Consequently, Redmond logo design is one of the most important parts of our branding work. Our talented and award winning designers work with you to keep business identity alive through the creative branding process. We begin Redmond logo design by recognizing your company’s end goals, targeted audience, and local competition through our branding questionnaire. It is very important for us to get every detail of your vision and bring it out in your brand. After all, the logo is one of the first pieces of your company’s identity the customer sees.

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Kirkland logo design & branding

How your company is perceived through the eyes of your target audience is what determines whether or not they will be your future customers. Alice Wonder Marketing focuses on making sure your business is seen in only the best light. A high-quality brand captures the values and characteristics of your business, thereby creating a personality for your service or product. Kirkland logo design is a major aspect of Alice Wonder Marketing branding work. Our team of award-winning designers create striking graphic design that captures the identity of your company.

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Bellevue logo design & branding

Alice Wonder Marketing concentrates on your target audience’s perception of your company. Great branding creates exposes your company’s vision—it lets the customer know what your business is about even before they commit to your product or service. Consequently, Bellevue logo design is one of the most important parts of our branding work. Our award-winning designers create beautiful imagery that captures your business identity in the creative branding process. Bellevue logo design begins with a thorough understanding of your company’s competition, consumers, and fixed goals. We begin the research with our branding questionnaire.

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