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Alice Wonder Marketing Newsletter

Award Winning Team

Alice Wonder Marketing is made up of a team of highly skilled professionals that are incredibly innovative and passionate about their work. Recently, our creative director Masha Tikhonova was recognized for her work with an A'Design Award. Masha created branding for Life Luxe Day Spa and then worked with an interior designer to incorporate the branding concepts into the client's remodeling project. The end result was a stunning space and proof that Masha can make a creative vision a reality. More info about the project and award here

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Recent Projects

Recently, Alice Wonder Marketing completed a website design and programming project for an ongoing client, AMARA Medical Aesthetics. With the help of our skilled creative director, we were able to produce a website that was impeccably designed. Results like this don't come from a template!

Thankfully, our client was very happy with design process and the results:
"AMARA Medical Aesthetics has been working with Alice Wonder Marketing for quite some time, and we could not be more pleased with our marketing results. Here are just a few things I love about working with Alice Wonder Marketing:

  • Tasks are done on deadline
  • Constant communication (always checking in and seeing how things are going)
  • Great at thinking outside the box to keep our business standing out
If you need marketing assistance of any kind, contact Alice Wonder Marketing, I highly recommend them."

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Books that Inspire

As the founder and managing director of a growing business, I'm constantly working to balance work, life, and family. That's why I was so inspired by Arianna Huffington's new book Thrive.

Not only is Huffington a stellar role model for female entrepreneurs, she isn't afraid to ask the big questions in life. She talks about redefining success and the way it’s measured. Traditionally wealth and power were the benchmark, but now overall quality of life and relationships is much more valued and appreciated by successful people in our society. She uses statistical data and opinions of famous people from the business world to illustrate her points.

Arianna warns of burnout dangers and healing qualities of meditation and unplugging from social media and electronic devices. She reminds the reader that sleep is very important to productivity. Most importantly she is an amazing brilliant woman who is not afraid to share her story that can be a road map to success for others.

Take a Hike!

Recently, I decided to follow some of Arianna Huffington's advice by unplugging and taking some time out for rest, meditation, and mindfulness.

There's no better place to do it than the Sedona Arizona, which just might be one of the most magical places on Earth. Sedona is like a mecca for spiritual seekers, shamans, artists, and creative visionaries.

Amidst the gorgeous red rock and desert brush, you can tap into the vortex energy and experience solitude, peace, and spiritual empowerment.

This kind of vacations help me reset my brain and come back to work with lots of energy and creative ideas.

My wish for you is to take good care of yourself physically and spiritually as we enter this beautiful summer season.


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