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Seattle SEO: Do you want your business to rank higher on Google? We can help!

Tatiana - our SEO specialist We are so excited that Tatiana Proctor, a SEO & Amazon Sales Specialist, joined Alice Wonder Marketing team.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is her passion and profession that she takes very seriously. With her on board, we are now able to help clients rank higher on Google organically, get more leads, and create a successful sustainable business.

As you know, SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from  the free and organic search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. All  business owners and managers want their website landing pages ranking higher than competition  on the first page of Google. They want traffic, leads, and sales, but few actually know how to get  this done. Avoiding paying top dollar for very expensive Google ads and other digital marketing is  another objective.  

 At Alice Wonder Marketing, we feel that Tatiana is the right person for the job.  She studied SEO  from  the best experts in Search Engine Marketing industry. Her mentors are famous marketing  gurus like      Tai Lopez, Bob Proctor www.thesecret.tv , Kotton Grammer a #1 SEO agency in  the USA  www.kottongrammer.com, Joshua Fletcher www.searchexplosion.com and David  Mills a  creator of www.omgmachines.com. In the confusing world of search engine optimization  with rules  and tactics changing daily, it's very important to receive information from  knowledgeable sources.  Tatiana’s training and experience gives us confidence in offering this new    service - Seattle SEO.

 Successful brand launching on AmazonIn addition to SEO work, Tatiana Proctor is an inventor and an entrepreneur. In 2014, she launched  a brand, manufactured products in China, and organized successful distribution channels on  Amazon  platform.  She is a member of the best Amazon training program www.amazing.com.  Through this  academy, she has access to the top Amazon sellers that she can ask for advice.  Her  product was  mentioned in publications such as www.fitnessbroadcast.com, www.blog.recipes, and www.emailwire.com. She is an SEO professional who is  happy to share industry knowledge and tricks with Alice Wonder Marketing clients who are  planning or already selling products on Amazon. Competition is high, and everybody is trying to accomplish the same goal. Having an individually crafted strategy is incredibly important in order to achieve success in the confusing world of e-commerce. We are super excited to offer Seattle SEO service to our customers.

For years, Alice Wonder Marketing was known for unique custom web design and inexpensive high quality programming. You can see portfolio here. We have many happy customers. You can see reviews here. With Tatiana joining our team, we are able to make your business look good online and also drive traffic and sales your way.  If you don’t have a website we will gladly create one for you. If you already have one that looks good, but does not generate business, we can help as well. If your competition comes up on the first page of Google and your business does not, it might be a good time to request a free SEO analysis from Alice Wonder Marketing.

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